Choose Transition
Blend in
Box in
Box out
Circle in
Circle out 
Wipe up 
Wipe down 
Wipe right 
Wipe left
Vertical blinds 
Horizontal blinds
Checkerboard across
Checkerboard down
Random dissolve
Split vertical in 
Split vertical out
Split horizontal in
Split horizontal out
Strips left down 
Strips left up
Strips right down
Strips right up
Random bars horizontal
Random bars vertical

Directions: Simply insert the below into the <head> section of your page. You can change the duration of the effect from the default 4 seconds to another by changing "Duration=4" to another number.

Zaznacz kod

Remember, the effect will be applied to the entire document, and only while the surfer enters the page from another page (pressing reload will not activate it).

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IE5- Indicates script works with Internet Explorer 5 and above
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